Infographic: The Matt Cutts Debunking FlowChart

Officially, Google distinguished engineer Matt Cutts heads Google’s web spam fighting team. Unofficially, he’s Google’s chief debunker. If someone seems to be talking crazy about Google, Matt may turn up with a polite clarification. When does Matt react? This is Search Engine Land’s guide, based on years of observations (you can click to enlarge it).


Origin Of The Flowchart

This flowchart originally appeared two years ago, on May 31, 2011. I was delivering on a promise I once jokingly made to Matt, that I would outline his debunking process as I’d observed it from afar to work. Matt hit three debunks on that day, so I quickly punched out a flowchart, a simple version, made in about an hour. The original can still be seen here.

New & Improved!

The flowchart became more popular than I ever imagined. That made me want to get a nicer version made. For its two-year anniversary today, I’m happy to present the updated infographic from the folks at Column Five Media, who do great work (thanks Travis, Jason & Kelsey). The content is the same as my original, but it’s more fun and more colorful (except for the language — I changed one word to be more office-friendly).