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Live @ SMX West: What Is Hummingbird & The Entity Search Revolution

Google’s Director Of Research Peter Norvig once told me, “Search should be like HAL in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. It should understand what people say – hopefully without killing anybody.”

Single Page Websites & SEO


Single page websites are quite popular right now; I see more and more each week on sites like The Latest and Product Hunt. No doubt they look cool when filled with great fonts, graphics and transitions. But can you SEO a single-page site and rank?

Google’s Matt Cutts had this to say: (video autoplay)

Google Search Redesigns Stock Quotes “Card,” Drops Competitor Links, Then Brings Them Back

Yesterday, Google launched a new design of the stock quotes “card” at the top of its search results. The new card dropped links to competing financial websites, something Google previously had in place since 2000. But after attention was drawn to the fact, Google quietly restored the links.

Google’s Matt Cutts Explains That Older Sites Won’t Always Keep Their Current Rankings


Yesterday, Matt Cutts of Google released another video, this one answering why an old site that always ranked well, no longer ranks as well these days.

The question posed was, “How can an older site maintain its ranking over time?”

When Does Google Process Your Disavow Link Request?

google-disavow-linksThere is an excellent question at WebmasterWorld asking how does one know when Google does process your disavow link file?

The answer is not an easy one.

The only way now to really know is if you have a manual link penalty and you use the disavow file method to remove links and use no other methods for link removal. Then you submit a reconsideration request and Google responds that the request was satisfied – you can be safe to assume Google processed the disavow file successfully.

Bing: It’s A Myth That Keyword Rich Domain Names Improve Search Rankings

bing-2013-logoMicrosoft Bing’s Senior Product Manager, Duane Forrester, wrote last night at the Bing Webmaster Blog that it is only a myth that in today’s ranking algorithms that a keyword rich domain name will make enough of an impact on your rankings to give you a major boost above your competitors.

Google’s Matt Cutts: Guest Blogging For Links Or SEO Is Over & Dead

pitch-forksYesterday, Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam and the most loved to be hated man at Google, posted on his personal blog that guest blogging is dead at least for link building or SEO purposes.

At first his language in the blog post was much more broad, saying guest blogging as a whole is dead. He then clarified that only for purposes of link building or search engine optimization is guest blogging dead.

Matt explained that while guest blogging was a great thing, the SEO space ruined it. He said, this is why “we can’t have nice things in the SEO space.” Matt decided to use some serious language and said “so stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy.”

Gaining Business Through Link Building Services

Lots of traffic can be diverted towards a business by the help of link building services. The businesses that take help from the service providers can easily gain more profit than those who manage on their own. The content that is added by the expert writers of a link building team is much better than that of the business that works individually.

The service providers work with a team of people who are experts in each phase and they know what to do at what stage. This helps them to bring out stronger content and better rate of acceptation by the article directories. The ‘divide and rule’ law works perfectly with them as they make good profits for themselves and also for the businesses they work with. Automatic diversion of the web searchers towards a business is done when the business at the top of the list is good enough with unique content and strong backlinks.

How article writing and submission can benefit your business?

article writing and submission services in business benefit

Article writing has gained widespread popularity for information sharing and marketing in the print and internet media. There are millions of companies and people, who are involved in the article writing and submission business.

Articles are being used by various people and companies to share their respective interests, experiences, marketing, promotions and web rank improvement etc. So, we can say that article writing and submission can be used for multiple profit and non-profit objectives. In this article we shall see the benefits of article writing

Tips for SEO Based Press Release Writing

how to write a press release

Press Release writing is not a new phenomenon. It’s been in practice for centuries, even when there was no concept of public newspapers. However, today’s electronic media is spreading information very fast. But the style of press release writing is still almost the same.

As compare to traditional Press Release writing, SEO based press release writing has little further to be considered about while writing. In fact, in case of newspaper or other press media, Press Release is simply sent to the journalists, who being the veteran of their field further edited that before publication. As well as the circulation of news remained limited to a certain community. Whereas in case of SEO press release writing, an office who may not be related to journalism at all can post their news directly on internet.