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Facebook Will Launch Graph Search For Mobile “Pretty Soon”

According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg during Facebook’s recent earnings call, Facebook’s Graph Search will hit mobile devices ‘pretty soon.’ It’s now been a full year since Graph Search was launched and mobile integration only makes sense.

Page One On Google Street Sign

Page One On Google Street Sign

Moises Szarf shared a picture with me of a sign he spotted on the side of a street in Miami, Florida. The sign says “SEO Services – Google’s 1st Page” followed by a phone number.

He shared this on Twitter and was a bit surprised to see this.

I ‘Googled’ the phone number on the sign but did not find anything interesting.

Has our industry come to this?

Apple Buys Ads On Google & Bing To Celebrate The Mac’s 30th Birthday


Leaving nothing to chance, Apple’s ensured that anyone searching for “Mac” on Google or Bing today, the 30th birthday of the Mac, will know about the anniversary. The company has purchased ads that lead to a special Mac birthday area of the Apple site.

The Most Important Social Tool of The Current Era

When you are using social media for your SEO campaign, make is measurable and planned. Everything that gets measured doubles its value. Well planned and well balanced things always give win win situation. Same is the case with social media marketing. Social media marketing is becoming powerful in SEO. In coming years, social media and content re going to rule the marketing industry. Social media has got millions of people on them. It means, you do not have to generate traffic which is the most difficult part of all. You just have to present your products and services in front of millions of people but in the correct way.

Social media can really pay you back with a lot of benefits. You have to keep a strict eye on its performance so that you can tailor the campaign for better results. In the case of low or no results, red signals have to be taken care of. This is the reason you need a great tool to keep an eye on your Social Media Campaign

The Difference Between Traditional Online Marketing And Social Media Marketing

The topic of traditional marketing and social media marketing cannot be described in one write up. It has so many details and aspects to watch from that it is hard to summaries in one go. However, if we need to compare the boot, we can evaluate them here. After all, both strategies are effective and have their own substance.

Traditional online marketing came on the market from the very start of the internet. People knew to spread their words on the internet to make them reach every user who uses the internet. But, when social media networks came, it showed its own importance. Traditional marketing and Social Media Marketing have many differences. It is hard to see these differences, but only experts know they are quite different.

There are many social media networks in the market that different businesses use to promote their products and services. The most popular are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Hi5, interest, MySpace, Orkut, Ning, MeetUp, MyLife, Multiply and speedily growing star Google+. All of these are the site where millions of users visit every month. These sites get thousands of activities in just one minute.

Executing a Successful Social Media Marketing Initiative

Social media came in the internet marketing industry about a decade ago. Since then, its importance has been ever increasing. There are a lot of reasons why is this happening. Remember the time when creating an account on social media sites and adding one post could bring your site to high rank. The importance of this type of marketing is also increasing. Google also appreciates it because the experience of people on these networks is real time. These experiences are for people and from people. That is why the sites that include social media as their main SEO campaign get rapid results. These sites get listed faster.

The links are placed quickly and people respond to the sites more quickly as placing a link to other sorts of sites. On other sites when people open the sites for any reason, they get the link. On the other hand, social media are always crowded with people, so many of them are already available to take notice of your site. For an estimate, most popular social media sites have billions of posts with millions of people every month.

Get Expert Touched SEO Article Writing For Your Site

After a website has been constructed, thenext step is its promotion. Once the on-page promotion is done, the remaining work is all about content and content. There are webmasters who know how SEO article writing is important but there are merely a few who do it the right way. There are several techniques of getting visitors to a website. SEO is a complete process through which the site becomes noticeable in the internet and people come on the site for visit. This is called natural traffic. In the past, various techniques got into SE process. Some were very useful and some got obsoleted. SEO article writing is a process which has retained its importance with the passage of time.

The popularity of SEO article writing has increased with the passage of time. Experts hope the technique will never get old as content is the real soul of a website popularity. Writing articles requires a lot of time and concentration. It is creative work which needs knowledge and data. Also, it is not necessary that all the webmasters know how to produce good quality content. That’s why people hire professionals for SEO article writing.

When And Where You Need SEO Copywriting

Today there is a new term in market “SEO Copywriting”, which is also called Search Engine Optimization copywriting or simply search engine copywriting. This is a new SEO strategy of writing site’s content in more visible and understandable way. The user should take a glance on the page and understand what’s the topic and main points of the page. Later, if the user requires, he can spend more time surfing the page and reading the details.

One advantage of SEO copywriting is that it enhances user’s time on page. User can spend more time on a page because the content is arranged in more appealing way rather than just simple 500 words goingin simple text form without any heading and picture, etc.

Link Building Services

There are two simple steps to a successful web presence. One step is to have a web presence and the other is to have popular site on the web which grabs customers. When you make a website, you next step becomes to do complete marketing so that people on internet notice that and use your site for products and services. The key to success for a site on the internet is link building services.

Strong backlinks get traffic to your site. Traffic gets targeted customers and customers get business toy our site. It means you need quality links for your site. Rank Love is your one stop solution for all sorts of quality links. All the links we provide are absolutely free with no extra money demand from our side. All such links remain pointing to your site on a permanent bases.

Building Quality One Way Links

The popularity of a website depends upon the number of links a website has. One way link building service providers are experts at providing ample links for a website that makes it a member to the list of a good search engine. The search engines are a part of the popularity of a website and they basically aim at the number of backlinks a website has.

A good search engine ranks the popularity of a website with the number of links it has. The highest number of links attached to a website means the higher it is ranked with the search engine and it has the chance of getting the best amount of organic web traffic diverted towards it.