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Is Google Misleading Us? If So, How?


You’ve all seen it, parking signs that are so confusing that sometimes you wonder, is the local government trying to mislead you…

Webmasters are asking themselves the same questions about Google. With all the blog posts, videos, guidelines, is Google setting SEOs and webmasters up for disaster one way or another?

Google Warns German Webmasters That Paid Links Violate Google’s Guidelines

Google head of search spam Matt Cutts posted on Twitter this morning another stern warning to German webmasters about a link penalty looming for them.

Matt Cutts tweeted:

The blog post is written in German on the German Webmaster blog, which basically says Google reserves the right to issue penalties for unnatural links. It then goes through the process of explaining the types of unnatural links and how to submit a reconsideration request if you were hit.

Dear Google, We Can Help With Your Google Rankings


You and I get them all the time, spammy emails from SEO companies telling us how they can get us more traffic and higher rankings in Google.

But did you know Google gets them as well? Yes. Not just Matt Cutts to his personal blog or other Googlers to their personal blogs. But gets these emails, telling them that they aren’t ranking well in their own search engine but not to worry because this SEO company can help.

Hold Your SEO Client Hostage With Negative SEO Threats

threaten-googleWebmasterWorld thread has a story of a webmaster who received a phone call from someone with an Indian accent threatening to use negative SEO on their site if they don’t pay up. A form of search pirates, if you will.

This is what the webmaster’s client said:

So I had a client phone me today and say he had a call from a guy with an Indian accent who told him that he will destroy his website rankings if he doesn’t pay him £10 per month to NOT do this. What the hell…

Does Google Read Content Within Strike Or Del Tag?

Here is a question I never saw asked before – which is rare. A Google Webmaster Help thread has one webmaster asking how Google handles the content within a strike or delete tag.

The strike tag is not supported in HTML5 and was replaced by the del tag but they both do the same thing. For example, if you want to strike a word in HTML, it would look like this. But is Google reading, indexing and ranking the words within the strike or del tags?

Link Velocity Explained

Google wants to give best search experience to every user. For this, it updates its algorithm. With every algorithm update, spam sites get cleaned, and web remains with top quality sites to appear on top search results. Google says its users should get what they are actually looking for rather than getting webpages with only relevant title and no good information in the body of the page. To do this, Google recently sent its Penguin update on 22nd May 2013. This update ruined many sites badly while some stood stable. The sites that survived in the update had strong SEO background. Those sites have good quality content with a great link bank to support its position.

Link velocity is the rate with which your site is generating links to rank high in search engine ranking position. But, the comparison is made with competitors in a specific niche. Check out your top ten competitors and then check their link velocity. If they are getting 50 links in three days then you must also gain at least that much links in three days to remain with them.

Is Social Bookmarking Ideal for SEO Rank?


Internet has transformed our world into a global village, in which anyone is somehow connected to each other. In fact, this global village is an interesting and business improving sphere for people as per their respective interests.

There is another growing trend on the internet i.e. social bookmarking. It has revolutionized the way people used to share what they want to or what they are interested in sharing.

Benefits of social bookmarking in improving website rank in search engine

There is an explosion of social bookmarking or networking websites around on the internet.  This is indeed because of two reasons. One is growing and improving techniques for social networking and bookmarking websites. The second reason is the growing interest of internet users in such websites.Because of the above two reasons, websites seeking to improve their public popularity,gets in to use social bookmarking websites extensively for their purposes.

How to optimize (SEO) your images for better ranking in search engines

Images can be a great source in increasing the rank of your website in the organic search. This important but quite easy to manage thing is sometimes overlooked by many. To elaborate further, a properly optimized image can give your website great and outstanding search results in images search at Google, Bing, yahoo, AltaVista etc.