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Google’s Page Layout Algorithm Updated For Third Time


Yesterday, Google’s Matt Cutts announced on Twitterthat they have pushed out a refresh to the Google Page Layout algorithm on or around February 6th.

He did not specify how much this impacted the search results but based on my analysis of the SEO community, it had a very small impact on most SEOs.

Google Starts Penalizing Sites for Rich Snippet Spam


If you use rich snippets on your websites, you should be aware that Google is now penalizing websites for spamming structured data markup.

Google Vows to Reduce Fake YouTube Views


Google is stepping up its efforts to stop what it calls “fraudulent” views on YouTube videos.

Google, which owns YouTube, said that reports of fake views on the video sharing website’s videos have been brought to its attention recently.

Google NoFollows Google+ Profile Links


Folks on Google+ noticed that Google+ has recently began nofollow many of the links in your profile by default.

So if you visit my profile page on Google+, the section where it says “Links”, most of those, if not all, seem to be nofollowed.

DMOZ Drops Over 1 Million Sites From Directory?


Did you notice that DMOZ, one of the oldest and largest human crafted web directories, has removed over 1 million sites and 10,000 editors from their directory?

DigitalPoint Forum thread first noticed it. If you look at the live site now, you will see 4,261,763 sites, 89,252 editors and over 1,019,865 categories in the footer. But if you go to the WayBackMachine archive you will see 5,310,345 sites, 99,997 editors and over 1,019,508 categories.

Yahoo Adds Local Business Snapshots Next To Search Results


You’re gonna say to yourself, “That looks a lot like Google’s local search results.”

I’m talking about the latest interface change that Yahoo has announced: the display of local business information alongside search results.

The local business info includes basic business information, photos, hours of operation and some data specific to the business type — i.e., restaurant listings may show “Menu” and “Reservations” links.

Google Answers Questions With Longer Responses Now


Google for as long as I can remember showed answers for basic questions. Questions like what is the weather, what is 1+1 and so forth.

Now, Google is answering more complex questions with more more detailed responses.

Google Search OneBox Answers Are Getting More Detailed


There are several reports throughout the search community that Google’s One Box answers or a form of the knowledge graph, are now more aggressive about answering even more complex questions with more detailed responses or answers.

Google: No Special Indexing For Facebook Or Twitter Because They Can Block Us But…

Google-Social-SearchYesterday Matt Cutts of Google released a video explaining that Google currently doesn’t do any fancy indexing or ranking for Facebook or Twitter pages. He also said that part of that is they don’t currently try to extract social data, such as the number of likes or tweets a page gets.

Google Webmaster Tools Now Reports Crawl Errors On The Final Redirect URL

John Mueller from Google announced on the Google Webmaster Central blog that they’ve updated the crawl error reports specifically to handle better reporting on redirects.

In the past, Google reported the error observed at the end under of the first URL (URL A in diagram below). Now, instead they report it at the final URL (URL B in diagram below).