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Google Search Redesigns Stock Quotes “Card,” Drops Competitor Links, Then Brings Them Back

Yesterday, Google launched a new design of the stock quotes “card” at the top of its search results. The new card dropped links to competing financial websites, something Google previously had in place since 2000. But after attention was drawn to the fact, Google quietly restored the links.

Yahoo Adds Local Business Snapshots Next To Search Results


You’re gonna say to yourself, “That looks a lot like Google’s local search results.”

I’m talking about the latest interface change that Yahoo has announced: the display of local business information alongside search results.

The local business info includes basic business information, photos, hours of operation and some data specific to the business type — i.e., restaurant listings may show “Menu” and “Reservations” links.

Dear Google, We Can Help With Your Google Rankings


You and I get them all the time, spammy emails from SEO companies telling us how they can get us more traffic and higher rankings in Google.

But did you know Google gets them as well? Yes. Not just Matt Cutts to his personal blog or other Googlers to their personal blogs. But gets these emails, telling them that they aren’t ranking well in their own search engine but not to worry because this SEO company can help.

4 Tips to Effectively Localize Your Search Marketing

Localized Search

Localizing search efforts is a great way for advertisers to take their direct response marketing to the next level. From large brands with physical store locations, to franchise model organizations, to manufacturer-dealer relationships, localized search allows advertisers to provide the most up to date information to searchers and helps effectively funnel digital traffic into brick-and-mortar stores for offline purchasing, support, or even just pick-up.

Facebook Will Launch Graph Search For Mobile “Pretty Soon”

According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg during Facebook’s recent earnings call, Facebook’s Graph Search will hit mobile devices ‘pretty soon.’ It’s now been a full year since Graph Search was launched and mobile integration only makes sense.

Google Answers Questions With Longer Responses Now


Google for as long as I can remember showed answers for basic questions. Questions like what is the weather, what is 1+1 and so forth.

Now, Google is answering more complex questions with more more detailed responses.

Google’s Matt Cutts: Don’t Try To Build Links Through Article Directories


Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, posted a video answer encouraging webmasters not to use article directory web sites with the goal of building links.

The question posed was:

How To Analyze A Link: Link Building Basics


The importance of link quality in SEO cannot be overstated. Before you begin any link building project within SEO, you must be sure you’re pursuing links that will not only have an impact today, but will continue to have a positive impact in the future.

That means understanding what makes a quality link, and why. Let’s take a look at the elements of link analysis, which are:

Google Issues Subtle Warning To Affiliates That Have “Thin-Content”


Google’s Chris Nelson of the search quality team issued a warning on the Google Webmaster Blog to affiliates who produce thin-content. He said that affiliates that produce thin-content and have little-to-no value-add on their site may be penalized for going against Google’s guidelines.

The warning was more direct to affiliate sites in the “adult” space, saying this has become more of an issue recently in that space. Chris Nelson said, “recently, we’ve seen this behavior on many video sites, particularly in the adult industry, but also elsewhere.”

Google Search OneBox Answers Are Getting More Detailed


There are several reports throughout the search community that Google’s One Box answers or a form of the knowledge graph, are now more aggressive about answering even more complex questions with more detailed responses or answers.