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Link Velocity Explained

Google wants to give best search experience to every user. For this, it updates its algorithm. With every algorithm update, spam sites get cleaned, and web remains with top quality sites to appear on top search results. Google says its users should get what they are actually looking for rather than getting webpages with only relevant title and no good information in the body of the page. To do this, Google recently sent its Penguin update on 22nd May 2013. This update ruined many sites badly while some stood stable. The sites that survived in the update had strong SEO background. Those sites have good quality content with a great link bank to support its position.

Link velocity is the rate with which your site is generating links to rank high in search engine ranking position. But, the comparison is made with competitors in a specific niche. Check out your top ten competitors and then check their link velocity. If they are getting 50 links in three days then you must also gain at least that much links in three days to remain with them.

Best SEO Practices in The Post Penguin 2.0 Era

In the latest update Penguin 2.0 from Google, it has filtered all spammers. Sites with black hat techniques have smashed down. Google says only natural SEO people will stay in its good books. This is what the actual reason of this update was. It has filtered all spam. But, the effect was huge. Many sites with English language lost their ranks. They were dumped on very low positions. Matt Cutts says the rest of languages will get the impact according to the spam they are using. Google says let natural traffic come to you. You should not generate traffic. Rather, make your site capable enough to grab traffic itself.

After the Penguin update, every webmaster is thinking of recovery. But, how is that possible in an effective way? There should be a strategy which not only recovers the sites from the latest update but also guides them to stay steady against next update. This is possible with many SEO practices Google wants you to adopt.

When Next Google Penguin Update is Expected

Google’s Penguin is announced, however, it always leaves unbelievable results for many sites. Webmasters expect some different results while the reality remains different. Many major brands also get slapped by the updates. But, genuine sites like Wikipedia has no fears because it works for real people. This is what Google expects from every site. Very sadly, this does not happen. People always try to find shortcuts for reaching on top positions. The result is spam sites that easily get trashed with every update.

Google wants to filter the search results. It wants it because good sites should appear on top numbers and spam ones should stay back. It needs to give more natural results. It says people should get in results what they are looking for. For this operation clean up, it launches various updates like Google Panda and Penguin updates. Last Penguin update hit the internet on 22nd May, 2013. When is the next update expected, nobody knows. Google actually do not announce the schedule of these updates. It launches one when an update is completely ready or when it feel there is a severe need.

Websites That Had to Bear The Brunt of Penguin2.0 Update

With the recent update, webmasters have a complaint about poor results from Google’s search. They say the previous searches were practical and more real than they are now. The algorithm is week, and people want either the previous one back or a better entirely new algorithm for better search results.

Only white hat strategies are considered to do fine in this field anymore. With every update, Google also presents its rules of SEO so that it can become a positive guideline for webmasters. This way, they will be able to know which strategies are appreciated and which have got obsoleted.

Strategy to Recover From Penguin 2.0 Update

New Google’s Penguin update rolled out on 22nd May, 2013. The day proved a nightmare for many while it also paid many the fruit of their hard work. Some people said their sites are no more in good ranking that they saw just one night before the update while other complain their sites jumped many positions upwards certainly. There is a mix kind of impression of the update. However, for many people the site rankings got lost.

This is Google’s fourth attack on happy web masters’ ranking. But, the fact is that Google is doing all this for the webmasters and common searches. After this fourth update, results are expected to be finer than before. People will be able to see on top what they are actually looking for. This update seemed heavy for various US queries. Mostly affected language is English. The rest of the languages are affected that have a mere trend of spam in their region. They all got dumped by the recent Penguin. Better sites have taken their place.