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How article writing and submission can benefit your business?

article writing and submission services in business benefit

Article writing has gained widespread popularity for information sharing and marketing in the print and internet media. There are millions of companies and people, who are involved in the article writing and submission business.

Articles are being used by various people and companies to share their respective interests, experiences, marketing, promotions and web rank improvement etc. So, we can say that article writing and submission can be used for multiple profit and non-profit objectives. In this article we shall see the benefits of article writing

Tips for SEO Based Press Release Writing

how to write a press release

Press Release writing is not a new phenomenon. It’s been in practice for centuries, even when there was no concept of public newspapers. However, today’s electronic media is spreading information very fast. But the style of press release writing is still almost the same.

As compare to traditional Press Release writing, SEO based press release writing has little further to be considered about while writing. In fact, in case of newspaper or other press media, Press Release is simply sent to the journalists, who being the veteran of their field further edited that before publication. As well as the circulation of news remained limited to a certain community. Whereas in case of SEO press release writing, an office who may not be related to journalism at all can post their news directly on internet.

Oops! My website is banned by Google! What do I do now?

oops google ban site
If you are really tapped by this issue then it is certainly a matter of great concern. Even then get relax, there is solution for your problem. But it requires great patience.

First of all, you need to confirm if your site is really banned by Google. You can check your site through Google web master tool. In fact, decreasing traffic or no crawling of your website by Google might be due to placement of wrong code in your robots.txt.  If it is confirmed that your site is actually banned by Google and required reconsideration then get through the following steps to get your site re-included in Google index.

Bad SEO Tricks – Google Can Ban Your Website!

bad seo tricks

There are SEO companies and individuals, who are still using bad SEO techniques that could result in banning your website with Google. Such a practice might be done consciously or unconsciously, but can really harm your website’s search engine existence.

This article is aimed to point out those SEO mistakes or tricks that result in banning your website by Google. Though there are many such bad SEO tricks, which could make this article too lengthy yet, lets us check few famous of those bad SEO tricks:

How SEO Links Building is Done?


Link building is very important for improving a website’s search engine rank. Search engines consider the popularity of a website on the basis of its external links as well as browsing of the website by different users. In fact, link building is a simple process in which the link of your website is placed in another website’s blogs, comments, forums etc.

General link building methods are mentioned below with their respective necessary details:

Is Social Bookmarking Ideal for SEO Rank?


Internet has transformed our world into a global village, in which anyone is somehow connected to each other. In fact, this global village is an interesting and business improving sphere for people as per their respective interests.

There is another growing trend on the internet i.e. social bookmarking. It has revolutionized the way people used to share what they want to or what they are interested in sharing.

Benefits of social bookmarking in improving website rank in search engine

There is an explosion of social bookmarking or networking websites around on the internet.  This is indeed because of two reasons. One is growing and improving techniques for social networking and bookmarking websites. The second reason is the growing interest of internet users in such websites.Because of the above two reasons, websites seeking to improve their public popularity,gets in to use social bookmarking websites extensively for their purposes.